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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Upcoming New Trial- Vismodegib

A new clinical trial  for DIPG has appeared on clinicaltrial.gov-
Evivedge (Vismodegib) in the Treatment of Pediatric Patients with Refractory Pontine Glioma

This novel phase 2 trial using the oral sonic hedgehog inhibitor agent in DIPG chidren age 3-18 is not yet open but appears that it is in the works at Phoenix Children's Hospital and Helen DeVos Chldren's Hospital.    The interesting thing is that this trial is open to  kids with residual disease after initial therapy  or at the time of recurrence/progression as confirmed by MRI.   It appears that residual disease means more than 10mm of tumor measured on MRI after receiving radiation.    Thus, although this initially appeared to perhaps be a recurrence trial, it seems it will be open to children that have measurable disease immediately following radiation.

Vismodegib (also known of GDC-0449) has been used in clinical trials in adults and children with refractory medulloblastoma in the past.    A portion of medulloblastomas seem to have the sonic hedgehog pathway as a driver.   This seems like this might also be true for DIPG.

This trial sponsored byVan Adel Research Institute.  The Van Adel Research Institute has been highly involved in the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium.  The next meeting of the NMTRC is May 6-7.

Phoenix Children's Hospital (Phoenix, Arizona)
Contact: Sam Chimienti     602-546-0188     schimienti@phoenixchildrens.com
Principal Investigator: Amy Rosenfeld, MD            

Helen DeVos Children's Hospital (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Contact: Shannon Mackeigan     616-267-1162     shannon.mackeigan@helendevoschildrens.org
Principal Investigator: Albert Cornelius, MD  
Principal Investigator: Giselle Sholler, MD 

Clinical Trial Listing-

NMTRC Conference-

Van Adel Institute-