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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Holiday Toy Drive ~ In memory of Alicia Marie Martin

In August of 2005, a six year old girl named Alicia was very sick.  Alicia spent a lot of time traveling to doctor’s appointments for blood work, scans and other tests.  Alicia’s body was weak and when she got a simple cold it would make her so sick that she would need to go to the hospital.  When Alicia was admitted to the hospital she would go to her room and find a stuffed animal on her bed waiting for her.  Every time Alicia went to the hospital she would take her new stuffed animal and carefully choose who she would give it to.  She would never keep them for herself.   These animals made Alicia very happy.  She enjoyed seeing them waiting for her on her bed but she also loved giving her animal to another person.

When a child is sick and has to stay in the hospital it affects the whole family.  One of the most common problems is not having enough money for hospital bills, medicine, traveling and some parents have to take time off from work making the situation even worse.  Some parents can’t afford gifts for their children at Christmas.

Christmas time is a special time for Alicia and her family.  So every year, to carry on the tradition that Alicia started, Alicia’s family and friends bring toys to the hospitals that help children.  They try to bring enough toys so that the children in the hospital will have toys for Christmas but also enough so that the brothers and sisters can have a special gift as well.
The children in the hospital cannot go shopping for their brothers and sisters.  This gives them the opportunity to give something to their siblings and get a few special gifts themselves.  Being in the hospital during Christmas is not an enjoyable thing.  These toys will help make the holiday a little brighter and hopefully put a few smiles on some little faces.