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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Foundation Spotlight- A Cure From Caleb Society

Many of the recent posts have been highly scientific.   It the spring season of new abstracts so I guess it isn't to be unexpected.   However, sometimes I feel that I just need to sit back and look at pictures to gain perspective on more than molecular pathways.  Today I did just that.   I looked at pictures of a little boy I got to know only from the internet.

Caleb loved hockey and jokes but his life was completely derailed at age 8 when he was diagnosed with DIPG.  Due to the persistence of his parents got a second round of radiation at progression that gave them another 9 months.  This was something that simply wasn't done before and was only happened due to the valiant fight of this family.

Caleb still inspires fighting for change through the A Cure From Caleb Society which specifically fund s DIPG research.  This past Friday, the foundation hosted a Spring Dance to create awareness and fund research.

The research A Cure From Caleb Society is supporting is that of Cynthia Hawkins, MD PhD of Sick Kids.   Dr. Hawkins has been on the leading edge of many recent advances in DIPG research-from creating an post-mortem tissue collection program at Sick Kids to the first publication of DIPG molecular analysis.  She was also instrumental in the Toronto DIPG Think Tank in 2010 and is a participant in the DIPG Preclinical Consortium.    I am sure there is going to be much more research coming from this lab as in addition to yesterday's abstract there another one that will be presented at the same conference.

And for Caleb- we are not chicken and will continue to work on crossing the road to a cure.